Reliability and efficiency of production and its constituent components are attained by a comprehensive tests based on modern control system that includes bench tests. To improve performance and ensure continued growth of quality and technical level of production the Company has the quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

Control department of SCo "Rawenstvo" is certified as a testing unit of the 46th Central Research Institute of the Defense Ministry and meets the requirements for technical competence required in regulatory documents. Certificate of appraisal № 839 dated 16.03.2016

Control department has certified domestic and imported equipment for the following types of tests on the impact of external factors:

  • Environmental testing (any climatic comditions) at temperatures ranging from -70° C up to +125° C, relative humidity up to 100%, including overhead irrigation;
  • Hydrostatic test, pressure up to 120 atm;
  • Vibrostability, shock-resistance, determination of resonant frequencies, sinusoidal vibration at frequencies from 5 up to 5 000 Hz;
  • Shock strength, shock resistance, multiple hit A up to 150 g, R up to 1800 kg;
  • Rolling and long slopes stability;
  • Measure of vibronoise characteristics;
  • Testing the effects of frost and dew;
  • Sea mist;
  • Imitation of transportation;

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