The company provides installation supervision, repair, balancing and commissioning work related to radar, computer and medical domestic equipment and equipment made by other organizations.

The specialists of SCo "Rawenstvo" carry out commissioning and repair work in any region of Russia and abroad. Customer service specialists of the Company have high qualification, great experience and work experience with radar, computer and medical equipment.

In the future, it is possible to have a serial production by the developed or third-party documentation with the fulfillment of the requirements for products of special and military use. The enterprise has for this purpose the necessary set of licenses.

Spare parts delivery, equipment repair

One of the our services is a delivery of spare parts to repair and combat readiness maintenance of navy ships. SCo "Rawenstvo" actively participates in competitions held by the Management of the development and organization of the order ships, sea armaments and military equipment.

The specialists of the service department of the Company are ready to offer their services in installation, commissioning and repair of medical complexes for the treatment of oncological diseases such as "Rocus", radar and computer equipment of ships of the Navy, coastal posts of the VTS of the RF.

For all questions of placing orders, please call the phone numbers in the Contacts section.